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WoW Dragon Mount

WoW Dragon Mounts

How to Make Mounts Cash to get a WoW Dragon Mount
By []Oscar Shupe

If you want to make much money in World of Warcraft you must be very shrewd on to what profession you will opt to.

It would be better if you'll pick herb gathering or mining as your regular profession. In this way you can sell all your gathered herbs or found minerals on to the Auction House, and after that, you will just wait for the time that the mount money will come into your ground.

But you still have one problem in doing this, because you can't work as an herb and mineral gatherer together in one time. So what you need to do is that choose herb gatherer as your profession.

Another remarkable way in making mount cash in WoW is to do the skinning. It is preferably done because it can't harm your mini-map while you are displaying either an herb or minerals. And skinning is perfectly done if you have an excellent DPS because it will make you do the farming in an easy and prompt way. And I will advise you to do the skinning in the Eastern Plaguelands. In choosing this place I am certain that you can have rugged leather in a shorter distance of time because you will only do the skinning on the bats and hounds found there. In addition, Jaguero Island is also an ideal place for skinning. This island is found in Booty Bay. And if you are looking for a more challenging way in doing the skinning then you better skin the black dragons in Burning Steppes. You can have their rugged leather and dragonscale after skinning them. These black dragonscales, is highly profitable, imagine you can sell them up to 1G each.

You can also proceed to Silithus. Upon reaching this place you can then start on skinning the silithid bugs. You can also obtain the Light and Heavy Silithid Carapace, and Silithid Chitin from the hives of the Silithid Bugs. And I am sure that you can earn big amount of money once you sell the items that you obtained from Silithid Bugs' hives.

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