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WoW Mount List

WoW Mount List

WoW Mounts and Other Cool Stuff
By ['Riley]Phillip O'Riley

I'm sure that every player would like to have at least one or two cool WoW mounts, pets and gear for Transmogrification. If you have no idea what cool stuff to add to your collections these days, maybe some of the following will become your next goal.

The Sea Turtle Mount. This is one of the coolest ground and aquatic WoW mounts ever introduced to the game. Although on ground has only 60% speed, within the depths of Vashj'ir it moves pretty fast. The beautiful part about this mount is that you can farm it solo.

The Sea Turtle mount can be obtained by fishing in any fish school in Northrend. You need only 1 Fishing skill point to be able to catch fish successfully in any fish schools. So, if you want to raise your skill in Fishing, and have the chance to get one of the coolest WoW mounts in the game, go to the waters of Northrend. A good destination for this purpose is the big lake at the Blue Sky Logging Grounds in Grizzly Hills. You can make the image of your character, riding this cool mount, even cooler, if you also have the Darkmoon Turtle pet.

Mimiron's Head. This is also a very cool mount, a helicopter that looks like a giant robotic head. It's not that easy to get, since it drops from Yogg-Saron, one of the last bosses in Ulduar, on 25-man difficulty. Not only that, your group must complete the achievement "Alone in the Darkness" for this mount to drop. If you really want it, you should assemble your own group and declare Mimiron's Head reserved before you start the instance. The best solution would be to ask your friends and guildies to help you.

Eye of Rend. There are various eye patch head slot items in WoW. Using one to transmogrify your helm will make your character look badass. The one I'm going to speak about here is leather armor, so it can only be used by Rogues, Druids and Monks. It's very easy to get even with a level 70 character. All you have to do is kill Warchief Rend Blackhand in Blackrock Spire a couple of times and eventually it will drop.

Phoenix Hatchling. This is one of the coolest pets in the game that can be farmed with a minimum level 80 character. It drops from the last boss in Magister's Terrace, Kael'thas Sunstrider. It drops on normal difficulty, but if you also want a shot to a cool mount, the Swift White Hawkstrider, you should complete this instance on Heroic difficulty.

I hope I've put at least one of these []WoW mounts, pets or pieces of equipment on your checklist.

Anyway, if you want to learn more about []WoW Mounts, follow one of these links and consult a PvE guide.

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WoW Flying Mounts

WoW Flying Mounts And Epic Mounts

By []Jeff Song

Epic mounts determines status and gives pride to players in World of Warcraft who have them. Having the ability to acquire them signify that you are a very skilled WoW gamer and have achieved the upper levels of the game. So what are the ways that a player can obtain an epic mount?

What you need to do first is to level your character to Level 40. Type of mounts differs according to your race. Humans for instance get horses while Orcs have wolf steed.

When you reach level 40, the first thing you have to do is to learn the ability of "Apprentice Riding". This particular skill will allow you to travel half faster than walking. The second ability to learn is "Journey Man Riding" which allows a player to bind a mount that is twice as fast as walking. This can be learned upon reaching level 60. When you reach level 70, you will now be able to obtain an epic flying mount. You will also have the ability to acquire a mount from another race. However you need to earn the exalted reputation level first before you could acquire this ability.

WoW epic mounts generally make you move faster. It could not be attacked by the enemies and a player is not allowed to attack while mounted. If a player dies, he could resummon his mount after he is resurrected.

Epic mounts are indeed popular and a must have among players. However, the problem is that it is costly. In order to acquire one and be part of that exclusive group of elite players who have epic mounts, you need huge amounts of gold. For example, to obtain the skills to ride a mount you will need 90 to 600 gold. A flying epic mount would cost you between 800 to 5000 gold. The costs do not include the mount itself. So your solution is simple - get enough gold.

So how do you get heaps of gold to purchase those epic mounts? There are several gold making strategies that may help you in your quest to exactly accomplish this. One technique is known as arbitrage. The term simply means that you buy an item lower than its asking price and the sell it later at a higher cost. This can be done by wisely using the Auction House which can earn you 5000 gold the fast way.

The Auction House is the best ticket that will send you on your way towards acquiring those WoW epic mounts. The best time to find an item to acquire is on the morning where players are in a hurry to sell off items they have acquired while playing all night and log off. Usually they would sell them cheap. The best time to sell your items on the other hand is on the weekend. But take note of the items that are in demand. BoE and recipes are among them. Make use also of an auctioneer addon for you will have the advantage of knowing what items are selling at a bargain price.

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WoW Mount List

WoW Mount List

By []T Hindmarsh

Even though the vast majority of mounts have more or less the same attributes, there are however a few that would seem to be a cut above the rest, so obviously this is something else you'll need to take into consideration the next time you choose your Horde character.

Although there will be greater detail in the horde leveling guide with regards to all the epic mounts and the relevant long quest chains to get them, we've compiled a short list of each mount with regards to any particular race.

Undead - Perhaps the best thing about these mounts, also known as Skeletal Horses, is that once you reach level 30 you can select between brown, green or red. Likewise, once you reach level 60 with this mount, you then get to choose between green or purple.

Troll - Once again players can choose from a Raptor from a range of interesting colors when it's time to choose a suitable mount. For lack of words, let's just say they're certainly different. Available in either emerald, violet aor turquoise, they give you the benefit of having the ability to go 60 percent faster. Having said that; we'll leave it up to the leveling guide in order to tell you all about these epic mounts.
Orc - to a great extent these wolves look very similar to those which we saw in Lord of the Rings, particularly when you see them in action. The only difference being; these are available in either a dire, timber or brown color. The only downside to these is; they're not as impressive as you might expect.

Tauren - Curious as to what type of mount the Tauren rides? It is known as a Kodo and for the most part it looks remarkably similar to a Rhino. An interesting aspect is that as you pass others they will turn to look at you and this becomes more apparent once you reach level 60, at which point you will get the armored version.
Blood Elf - These ride a mount known as a Hawkstrider which essentially looks like a cross between an ostrich and a hawk. While it certainly does have the looks to set it apart from the crowd, and while there are different colors, they do seem to lack a little class.

If you would like to see a full run down of all the best WoW Mounts and see the best WoW Mount guide to choose, please visit our WoW Mounts page right here -   rel=nofollow []WoW Mounts

T.H []

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Goblin Mount Vendor

WoW Goblin Mount

The Coolest Items in World of Warcraft and How to Get Them - Part 1 - The Motorcycle
By []Alon Pyade

This series of articles will cover the rarest and most desired items in the world of Warcraft game.

For each item covered you will find in the article: how to get the item, if there is any added cost to the item and the advantages you will get for using it (if any).

From WotLK expansion you can get a new mount in the form of a Motorcycle.

The motorcycle has two versions, one for the Alliance and one for the Horde. The Alliance version is called Mekgineer's Chopper, the Horde version is called Mechano Hog. The two versions have differences in the appearance but other than that are identical. The Hog/Chopper mount can be build by Engineers with level 450. But it can be ride by any character as it's not bending in pick up so it can be sold. This also means that you can have the two of them, if you can afford it.

The pattern for the Hog/Chopper is sold by Roxi Ramrocket (Goblin) in K3. And can be acquire only if you have exalted rep whit the right faction. For the Hog you will need to be exalted with Horde Expedition, and for the Chopper you will need to be exalted with Alliance Vanguard. So an engineer can only make one version (his on faction), but you can ride the other faction motorcycle.

The pattern cost 350 gold. The items needed to complete a motorcycle are:

Titansteel bars * 12
  Artic fur * 2
  Handful of Cobalt Bolts * 40
The prices of the above items vary from server to server but can go be price for an average of 3000 gold. You will also need three other items (Salvaged Iron Golem Parts, Elementium plated Exhaust Pipe and eight Goblin-machined Pistons). Those are vendor items that will cost you 12,500 gold all together. You can only buy them from the same vendor as the recipe and only if you trained yourself (use the recipe). So why you will want this very expensive mount? Way spend 16,000 gold at least and the time to find an engineer, or bid on the AH ? Even if you can do it yourself, you will still need to go to the vendor, and buy or gather the other items needed... First thing, think how cool it is to ride in one of those, you come in to a city and make all the noise of a real motorcycle as you go, you can be sure all eyes are on you. And what will you do with all your gold if not make others envy you. But that is not all, you get some more bonuses:

You can fall unlimited heights without taking damage as the motorcycle takes it for you (it can be time saving). (see P.S.)
  You can have a passenger with you on the sidecart, so this is a ride for two!
  Of course no passenger, no sidecart, so you get the pleasure of two different mount view.
That does not sound mach but you will get pleasure out of it. And yes it stack up with aspect of the pack. Some disadvantage however:

It takes 1.5 seconds to dismount, so no PVP with it. (see P.S.)
  As all mount you cannot attack or loot but because of the 1.5 seconds dismount it will take you longer to farm with the motorcycle.

P.S - This is not true from the 3.1 patch.

Originally when launched it had the exact specs I mention, however after patch 3.1: you can no longer take long falls without damage.  You, the driver, takes all the damage.  So no more jumping of the highest mountains as you used to do. Also there is no more dismount cool down. It is immediate, which is good for for farming or pvp.  I personally would rather have the original in my opinion, and use another mount for raids, pvp, etc.

If you enjoyed the reading you can find more on this topic and on related subject in this []World of Warcraft site If you want to be able to afford yourself all the cool WOW items and mach more download the free gold guide by registered to the Qston WOW Tips Newsletter and you will also receive all the tips and tricks to the game.

Alon Pyade is a wow fun and player that make the gold making process part of the game itself.
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WoW Flying Mount List

 WoW Flying Mount List

World of Warcraft - Frequently Asked Questions About Acquiring a Mount in WoW
By []Britt Malka

Mounts in World of Warcraft enable you travel from point A to point B at a faster speed than if you just ran. But mounts represent more than just that, and I receive many general questions concerning mounts, alongside those regarding specific mounts.

Here are some of the more often-asked questions... and my answers to them:

Q: How Did You Get That Mount?

A: This is the question I most often receive when I'm sitting on one of my rare mounts. Depending on whether I'm on my Big Blizzard Bear; my Nether Drake mount or my Sea Turtle, I have to answer despondently: "I'm afraid I cannot give a general answer to this question."

Q: How Fast Is Your Mount?

A: My Big Blizzard Bear speed is in direct proportion to my level of knowledge. When I had only learnt apprentice riding, it would run at +60% speeds but, after I'd learned journeyman riding, it would run at +100% speeds.

Some flying mounts even go as fast as +310% speeds.

So the speed depends on both the mount itself - and your riding skills.

Q: When Can I obtain a Mount?

A: You have to reach level 20 to obtain a mount, and also learn apprentice riding. Then you can buy a mount from your own race, or some classes will receive their mount for free. This is the case with the paladins and the warlocks.

Q: How Do I Obtain Other Mounts and Not Just the Mounts of My Race?

A: If you gain exalted reputation with the other races in your faction, Horde or Alliance, you automatically obtain permission to purchase their mounts.

So a night elf can buy rams from the dwarves, and horses from the humans.

In order to grow your reputation with the other races, you can do quests for them, or you can donate different types of cloths.

In each of the major cities, you'll find a NPC (Non-Playing Character) who is willing to receive your donation of silk, wool, etc. in return for reputation points in that race.

Q: How Do I Attain Enough Gold to Buy a Mount?

A: It can be difficult for a low level character to buy a mount but, if you start out at level 5 with gathering professions, you'll then find it easier. Choose a combination of skinning and either mining or herbalism, and you'll acquire large quantities of gold within a short space of time.

And now I invite you to learn more about how to get extremely rare mounts like the []Big Blizzard Bear.

In general, you can read about how to get the coolest mounts and pets on my site []

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Turtle Mount WoW

Turtle Mount WoW

World of Warcraft - How to Catch the Rare Sea Turtle Mount in WoW

By []Britt Malka

Maybe you've seen one or two people on your server, sitting on a cool-looking Sea Turtle Mount?

These mounts are rare. It's the only mount gained by fishing and, although it will not increase your speed on land, it increases your speed at sea by 60%.

So, which waters do you have to fish to catch this prey?

Theoretically, the Sea Turtle Mount can be fished and caught at any level. Your character will need to have learned how to ride (riding skills 75) to use it, but the mount can be caught with as low a fishing skill as 1, which you can learn at level 5.

But even though you can catch and use this mount from level 20, it's a lot easier to obtain when your character is at least level 70.

You have the chance to catch it in all the schools of fish in Northrend.

Now, as you may know, Northrend is a high level area with mobs level 68 and up. It's a risky area in which to travel, if you are below level 68. It can be done, but only in very limited areas.

The pools of fish can spawn in any of the lakes and coasts. If you are low level, you can find them near the harbor cities in Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord. But then you are limited to those two places, and you have to wait between pools of fish to re-spawn.

You can farm this mount by going from pool to pool, which is easier if you have learned the Find Fish ability. But wouldn't this seem like utterly boring work?

What I did was to catch fish in every school of fish that I passed, whilst doing quests in the area.

One day, I was questing in Venture Bay and, after I'd turned in the quests, I wanted to buy some new equipment with the tokens which I'd received as a reward.

Unfortunately, the opposite faction (the Horde in my case) had taken possession of Venture Bay, and while I was trying on my own to gain it back, I was killed.

It was on my way back to my body as a whisp when I saw a school of fish.

I moved as fast as I could, and the first thing I did after I resurrected was to get back to the spot again and throw out my line, as I always did whenever I located a pool in Northrend.

This time, to my big surprise, I caught the Sea Turtle Mount and received an achievement in the same split-second.

And now I invite you to learn more about how to get extremely rare mounts like the []Blizzcon Polar Bear Mount.

In general, you can read about how to get the coolest mounts and pets on my site []

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Easy To Get Mounts In WoW

Easy To Get Mounts In WoW

How To Get The Camel Mount In WoW - Find Out How To Get This Awesome Mount!
By []Christopher Luke Jones

In this article I want to talk about one of my favourite mounts the Camel mount in WoW. I will also tell you where you need to go to get each one.

I will provide the details in a list format so you can simply look through and see at a glance how to get the Ultimate Camel mount for you, some are easier to get then others!

First up we have the:

Grey Riding Camel

* Taught by Reins of the Grey Riding Camel

* This item drops from Dormus the Camel-Hoarder in The Steam Pools

If you are looking for the ultimate camel in WoW this is the one! To get this you need to seek out the Mysterious Camel Figurine and these are small statues that you will find in the sands of Uldum.

You will find plenty of statues that are too damaged and they will turn to dust but keep look because when you find the right one you will go to The Steam Pools which is above Feralas and you must defeat Dormus the Camel Hoarder to get this mount.

A word of advice though! Take some friends!

Next up we have the camels that you can get a little bit easier but they do rely heavily on reputation.

Let us take a look at the:

Brown Riding Camel

* Taught by Reins of the Brown Riding Camel

* You can buy this for 80 gold as long as you are Exalted with Ramkahen

If you are after this mount it is one of the two that will become available that you can purchase from Blacksmith Abasi but remember you will need to be Exalted with Ramkahen first.

Just complete loads of quests in Uldum and also to make the progress fast you can wear the Tabard of Ramkahen when you are doing level 85 dungeons as well. There is also a daily quest that you will need to complete that is offered by this faction.

Once you have got the Brown Camel in WoW you will earn the achievement "One lump or two?" - If you are having trouble finding it remember it will not show up on the vendor until you get to Exalted!

Next up we have the:

Tan Riding Camel

* Taught by Reins of the Tan Riding Camel

* You can get this for 80 gold once you are Exalted with Ramkahen

This is obtainable exactly the same as the Brown Camel Mount above and you can even get both if you wish!

It is just a preference on which color you want!

I hope this has cleared up how you can get the camel mount in WoW fast.

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