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WoW Flying Mounts

WoW Flying Mounts And Epic Mounts

By []Jeff Song

Epic mounts determines status and gives pride to players in World of Warcraft who have them. Having the ability to acquire them signify that you are a very skilled WoW gamer and have achieved the upper levels of the game. So what are the ways that a player can obtain an epic mount?

What you need to do first is to level your character to Level 40. Type of mounts differs according to your race. Humans for instance get horses while Orcs have wolf steed.

When you reach level 40, the first thing you have to do is to learn the ability of "Apprentice Riding". This particular skill will allow you to travel half faster than walking. The second ability to learn is "Journey Man Riding" which allows a player to bind a mount that is twice as fast as walking. This can be learned upon reaching level 60. When you reach level 70, you will now be able to obtain an epic flying mount. You will also have the ability to acquire a mount from another race. However you need to earn the exalted reputation level first before you could acquire this ability.

WoW epic mounts generally make you move faster. It could not be attacked by the enemies and a player is not allowed to attack while mounted. If a player dies, he could resummon his mount after he is resurrected.

Epic mounts are indeed popular and a must have among players. However, the problem is that it is costly. In order to acquire one and be part of that exclusive group of elite players who have epic mounts, you need huge amounts of gold. For example, to obtain the skills to ride a mount you will need 90 to 600 gold. A flying epic mount would cost you between 800 to 5000 gold. The costs do not include the mount itself. So your solution is simple - get enough gold.

So how do you get heaps of gold to purchase those epic mounts? There are several gold making strategies that may help you in your quest to exactly accomplish this. One technique is known as arbitrage. The term simply means that you buy an item lower than its asking price and the sell it later at a higher cost. This can be done by wisely using the Auction House which can earn you 5000 gold the fast way.

The Auction House is the best ticket that will send you on your way towards acquiring those WoW epic mounts. The best time to find an item to acquire is on the morning where players are in a hurry to sell off items they have acquired while playing all night and log off. Usually they would sell them cheap. The best time to sell your items on the other hand is on the weekend. But take note of the items that are in demand. BoE and recipes are among them. Make use also of an auctioneer addon for you will have the advantage of knowing what items are selling at a bargain price.

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