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WoW Mount List

WoW Mount List

WoW Mounts and Other Cool Stuff
By ['Riley]Phillip O'Riley

I'm sure that every player would like to have at least one or two cool WoW mounts, pets and gear for Transmogrification. If you have no idea what cool stuff to add to your collections these days, maybe some of the following will become your next goal.

The Sea Turtle Mount. This is one of the coolest ground and aquatic WoW mounts ever introduced to the game. Although on ground has only 60% speed, within the depths of Vashj'ir it moves pretty fast. The beautiful part about this mount is that you can farm it solo.

The Sea Turtle mount can be obtained by fishing in any fish school in Northrend. You need only 1 Fishing skill point to be able to catch fish successfully in any fish schools. So, if you want to raise your skill in Fishing, and have the chance to get one of the coolest WoW mounts in the game, go to the waters of Northrend. A good destination for this purpose is the big lake at the Blue Sky Logging Grounds in Grizzly Hills. You can make the image of your character, riding this cool mount, even cooler, if you also have the Darkmoon Turtle pet.

Mimiron's Head. This is also a very cool mount, a helicopter that looks like a giant robotic head. It's not that easy to get, since it drops from Yogg-Saron, one of the last bosses in Ulduar, on 25-man difficulty. Not only that, your group must complete the achievement "Alone in the Darkness" for this mount to drop. If you really want it, you should assemble your own group and declare Mimiron's Head reserved before you start the instance. The best solution would be to ask your friends and guildies to help you.

Eye of Rend. There are various eye patch head slot items in WoW. Using one to transmogrify your helm will make your character look badass. The one I'm going to speak about here is leather armor, so it can only be used by Rogues, Druids and Monks. It's very easy to get even with a level 70 character. All you have to do is kill Warchief Rend Blackhand in Blackrock Spire a couple of times and eventually it will drop.

Phoenix Hatchling. This is one of the coolest pets in the game that can be farmed with a minimum level 80 character. It drops from the last boss in Magister's Terrace, Kael'thas Sunstrider. It drops on normal difficulty, but if you also want a shot to a cool mount, the Swift White Hawkstrider, you should complete this instance on Heroic difficulty.

I hope I've put at least one of these []WoW mounts, pets or pieces of equipment on your checklist.

Anyway, if you want to learn more about []WoW Mounts, follow one of these links and consult a PvE guide.

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