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WoW Flying Mount List

 WoW Flying Mount List

World of Warcraft - Frequently Asked Questions About Acquiring a Mount in WoW
By []Britt Malka

Mounts in World of Warcraft enable you travel from point A to point B at a faster speed than if you just ran. But mounts represent more than just that, and I receive many general questions concerning mounts, alongside those regarding specific mounts.

Here are some of the more often-asked questions... and my answers to them:

Q: How Did You Get That Mount?

A: This is the question I most often receive when I'm sitting on one of my rare mounts. Depending on whether I'm on my Big Blizzard Bear; my Nether Drake mount or my Sea Turtle, I have to answer despondently: "I'm afraid I cannot give a general answer to this question."

Q: How Fast Is Your Mount?

A: My Big Blizzard Bear speed is in direct proportion to my level of knowledge. When I had only learnt apprentice riding, it would run at +60% speeds but, after I'd learned journeyman riding, it would run at +100% speeds.

Some flying mounts even go as fast as +310% speeds.

So the speed depends on both the mount itself - and your riding skills.

Q: When Can I obtain a Mount?

A: You have to reach level 20 to obtain a mount, and also learn apprentice riding. Then you can buy a mount from your own race, or some classes will receive their mount for free. This is the case with the paladins and the warlocks.

Q: How Do I Obtain Other Mounts and Not Just the Mounts of My Race?

A: If you gain exalted reputation with the other races in your faction, Horde or Alliance, you automatically obtain permission to purchase their mounts.

So a night elf can buy rams from the dwarves, and horses from the humans.

In order to grow your reputation with the other races, you can do quests for them, or you can donate different types of cloths.

In each of the major cities, you'll find a NPC (Non-Playing Character) who is willing to receive your donation of silk, wool, etc. in return for reputation points in that race.

Q: How Do I Attain Enough Gold to Buy a Mount?

A: It can be difficult for a low level character to buy a mount but, if you start out at level 5 with gathering professions, you'll then find it easier. Choose a combination of skinning and either mining or herbalism, and you'll acquire large quantities of gold within a short space of time.

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